McSweeney’s Inc. is the leading manufacturing of forged drill steel used in the underground mining industry. McSweeney’s produces the most complete product line of drill steel in the industry offering “hands off” drilling, the safest way for underground operators to drill.


Once the operator inserts the steel into the chuck and starts rotation, the steel is automatically locked into the chuck. As long as rotation is maintained the steel will not come out of the machine, allowing your operator to withdraw the steel from the roof with complete “ Hands off safety”. This is a great advantage when Truss or Rib Bolting is being done. No special tools or adapters needed.


Roof Drill Augers - McSweeney’s offers various roof augers to match your drilling needs in

wet and dry conditions.


McSweeney’s offers the toughest, most reliable chucks on the market. Special order chucks including water use, Twist Lok 2 or HOTL available upon request.